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Perfect Percolator

The Percolator (or Moka Pot) is an iconic piece of Italian engineering, delivering beautifully rich, dense espresso.

The Grind

Medium. You’ll get a great tasting espresso out of our specially developed omni-grind ground coffee.

Brewing Time

Approx. 5mins. You’ll hear when you’re done!


Step I

To begin fill the bottom section of the Percolator with freshly boiled water. If the brewing process takes too long (with cold water) the coffee can overheat.

Step II

Put your coffee in the basket & level it off.  It's important that you don't compress or pack the coffee in too tight - otherwise you'll end up with difficulties later on.

Step III

Screw the top onto the base - be careful as the base will be hot - and place it onto a hot stove.

Step IV

When you hear bubbling & gurgling take it off the heat. Not essential, but If you can, carefully wrap a cold towel around the base to completely stop the brewing process in order to prevent the coffee from over-extracting.

Your Percolator coffee is made!