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Our coffee from El Salvador

FabFactFriday Our El Salvador Monte Sion Estate coffee is grown in ...
Monte Sion in El Salvador is recognised for producing fine coffees. It sits in the Western Region of El Salvador, sitting at 1,400 MASL.
Monte Sion coffee is of the Arabica-Bourbon variety with some shade grown under a biodiversity-friendly canopy in the “Cordillera de Apaneca” mountain range.   
In other parts of the estate, coffee is grown in grids on the mountainside which has led the mountain to being nicknamed locally as "waffle mountain."
The estate is looking to expand their farms with exotic varieties. Most of their farms have been recently renovated with healthy young trees resulting in stable production and better quality every year.
The coffee has an intense aroma as a result of the fully-washed wet mill process, with dark chocolate notes, and a dash of paprika in the finish.