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Learn about our Ethiopian Guji

Shakisso Farm is a semi-forest farm that sits at an altitude of 1,800 MASL in Guji, in the Southern part of Oromia, one of Ethiopia’s largest regions. 
Originally a cattle farming area, Shakisso Farm (along with 2 other local Farms) started producing organic coffees in 2001 which transformed the Guji area. 
Shakisso spreads out over 640 hectares today over the sites of old gold mines, so the coffee fields are literally full of holes where people have been digging for gold. This makes walking between the coffee trees risky and as a result, one of the biggest challenges these days is to find employees to maintain the plantation and pick cherries.
During harvest there are more than 300 coffee pickers harvesting coffee, before moving the cherries to one of the 45 washing stations or 55 dry mills around the Guji zone
Ethiopia traditionally used dry mills, but advances in technology & investment in infrastructure means that both options are now available.  This is of significance because coffee processed by the two methods had cup features that were different, with body and sweetness stronger in natural (dry mill) coffees as opposed to the aroma and acidity in washed (wet mill) coffees. 

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