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How to Make Aeropress Coffee

We're big fans of the 'Aerobie' Aeropress coffee maker. It's great for on-the-go brewing (which is fitting as it was made by the inventor of the Aerobie frisbee!).

Our step-by-step guide will show you the Aeropress inverted method - for full immersion, and maximum flavour extraction.

1.  Boil a kettle, and leave it to rest for a minute

2.  Insert the plunger (the inner chamber of your Aeropress) into the outer tube, so the black seal is in line with the number 4. Stand it on end, so the 4 is closest to the table

3. Using your included scoop (approximately 16g), add in your omni-grind Stamford Speciality Coffee 

4. Readying your timer, fill the tube with your off-the-boil water - so it reaches the bottom of the number 1

5. Stir five times with your paddle, and start your timer for one minute

6. Prepare your filter paper, by putting it in the filter holder and pouring hot water through to rinse it. TOP TIP: Rinsing the filter paper makes sure it doesn’t affect the flavour, so you’re only getting the delicious flavour notes of your coffee

7. Screw it onto your Aeropress

8. Once the minute has passed, place your mug upside down on top and carefully flip the whole stack

9. Carefully push the inner chamber down to brew your Stamford Speciality Coffee